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''What are limits? Arent these just thoughts of people, describing how far they think they personally can go? So why should you ever take their personal thoughts, their limits, as facts that determine how you will envision your own life? How you will dress, if you can grow a beard or not, how you live

We strongly believe that limits equal lies. You, as an individual, create your own vision through hard work, trust, and time. We used this principle as a foundation to create the worlds first sophisticated clothing brand for the bearded man. This resulted in an unique, forever-improving apparel and jewelry line to make you remember these values.

If you believe in Beardmuscles you believe in working harder and getting better, to turn your vision into your reality.''

- Founders of Beardmuscles



Beardmuscles is founded to remind the bearded man that he can realize his own vision through hard work, trust and time, by offering high quality and valuable products.



Beardmuscles represents something greater than just a ''beard community''... We represent the New Era Of The Beardsman! And that's why we promise you the best of the best! Did you know that all of our products are handmade to ensure quality? See the behind the scenes video of the production of our rings!

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