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Why is your beard going grey? You may have woken up one morning stared in the mirror and seen one or two grey hairs. Or maybe you’ve had a grey beard for years and are simply wondering why. Then read on lads, lets find out why some of us have grey beards or are greying.

Mens beards can start going grey at any time, but usually its in your 30s that you will start to see the transformation into a zebra crossing. From then on you’ll either be left as a pedestrian crossing or you may turn into a grey knight.

Genetics boils down to everything, the colour of your hair and your beard originally, the colour of your eyes, your nose shape. Your genetics control everything and everything you’ve got to come. Somewhere in your genes there’s a small bit that decides when your body should stop producing melanin, which gives your hair and beard the colour. Unfortunately, this is inherited. So, if your father and grandfather’s beard both went grey at a certain point in their lives, chances are yours wont be far behind.

Your beard follicles alone can cause a grey beard. Your follicles give off hydrogen peroxide, some more than others, and no one knows why some give off more. Those follicles that give off more hydrogen peroxide cause your hairs to grey, as the chemical acts as a bleach, bleaching your beard slowly but surely. Some suggest this is effected by stress and your diet. So although it wont prevent you beard from going grey, it can ward it off for longer if you try to reduce stress and improve your diet.

Whilst I say that your beard is going grey, that’s actually a lie, a beard can’t go grey. It just goes white. It only seems to be grey because not all of the hairs have gone white so from a distance it just appears grey. But, if you look really closely, they’re just plain old white. More bad news, its not something that happens slowly over time either. It’s almost instant, you will wake up and a hair will go grey.

Ok, the last bit of bad news, melanin has an elastic quality in the hair. Meaning, when your hairs grey and they no longer contain melanin, they will be come more straight and coarse. Say goodbye to your nice wavy beard. This can also make it very hard to control, your usual beard balm may not do the trick. You may have to invest in more oil and beard wax.

What are your thoughts and/or experiences with greying beards? Let us know in the comment section below!

Written by: James Oxenham



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