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If you’re a woman reading this blog, then you already know why you should date a bearded man. You like them, the beard is your thing. For guys that are simply looking for more of an insight into why women date guys with beards then by all means read on.

You will have heard this a million times, but its so true 110% of the time. Growing a decent mane requires a lot, and I mean a lot, of patience. If I have to explain to you why women like patient men, then someone somewhere hasn’t done their job properly. So allow me to fill you in. Remember the cliché that women take forever to get ready? Well, they do. If they’re with a man who wont moan about it, that’s one less thing for them to moan about. (You don’t have to tell them that you will take longer with your beard than they will with their hair). It’s inevitable that at some point in your relationship, she will find something you’ve done wrong. Your patience will mean you can endure more than she can give, that means a win for you.

Once you go beard you never go back
Kissing a beard is a brand new experience and is a lot more fun, the hairs on your face touch more of her that no other man can. Especially when you go down on her, a beard between her legs is where the phrase “when you go beard you never go back” comes from. A beard is just a thousand hairs of extra stimulation, that’s why she’ll constantly be stroking it. Its fun for her, it’s like having another pet to stroke, but it’s always with you. On top of that, it shows that he knows what commitment is, a beard is a big commitment. You start it small, you power through all the awkward stages, you endure all the patches, you care for it day in day out. And at the end of it all you are committed to this thing that you’ve let build up on your face. These are all qualities that a woman wants in a relationship.

They’re sexy
If I have to tell you that beards have immense sex appeal and they make you look sexier then I’m not doing my job right. A study done by the University of New South Wales said that “Facial hair makes men seem more mature and masculine but also more dominant and aggressive”. A common problem for a women’s dating life is ending up with an immature guy who still lives with his mum. A beard already assures her none of them are true, and that’s appealing to her. The same study later goes on to say “The women in the study rated cleanly-shaven men as being the least attractive when compared to men with heavy scruff or beards”. But of course we already knew that. So if you need any more reason to date a bearded man well, if you don’t some one else will, and quickly.

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Written by: James Oxenham


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