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A beard can be big, intimidating and dominant. But it can also be healthy, smart and
masculine. This of course depends on who it is that is looking at your beard and how you portray your beard.

Beards can have their own personality. This can depend on your face shape, how you style it
and your own style. Obviously if you’re a big, muscular biker with a long sleek mane, the
chances are, your beard is going to come across as intimidating. Whereas if you have quite a
round face with a slightly long stubble, your beard will come across as more welcoming and
smart. What people see and think of when they see your beard depends entirely on what
you want them to think. Regardless, they will always be impressed. So, you know for sure
that they’re thinking that.

I hate to break it to you but unfortunately, I’m not psychic. So trying to tell each of you
individually what everyone exactly thinks when they see your beard is a task that not even I
have the power to achieve. Luckily for you though, I’m good at my research. So I can tell you
what the vast majority of people think most of the time based of research and studies done
around the globe.

Firstly, the archives of sexual behavior published a study in May, 2016. The study found that
hundreds of women recruited online time after time rated bearded men, regardless of what
type of beard or length more sexually attractive than our clean shaven competitors. Another
article from Behavioral Ecology stated that “As voice pitch lowered and facial hair increased,
men were rated more dominant”. When explored further, it found as facial hair increased,
the average dominance ratings also increased for 83% of the men. Therefore, it’s fair to
assume that 83% of the people you meet think your beard makes you more dominant.

Another study published in April 2014 found that of 804 women, 644 of them were in
relationships with men that had facial hair, ranging from stubble to full beards. The
conclusion that I draw from that is that 80% women prefer being in relationships with
bearded men. Don’t know about you but it’s sounding pretty good for us at the moment.

The last study that I’ll show you is one done by university students again, in 2014. They set out to see if a mans facial hair had any relevance to how trustworthy they were perceived to
be. They found that 70% of the participants preferred a bearded face when it came to
assessing a males perceived trustworthiness. The participants were then asked a series of
experimental questions to make it seem like it wasn’t all about trustworthiness. The
responses were so in favor of the bearded man that they made a mention of it in the
conclusion alongside the data. You’ve already guessed it, that no matter what the
participant’s sexual orientation, they found bearded men to be more sexually attractive
than clean shaven.

So, have I told you all what you were expecting?
The Answer is probably yes, but did you expect that I would prove it to you. Now, when
you’re out and about and wondering what people think of you when they see your beard.
You don’t have to go “Oh I remember reading that blog and that’s what the writer said”
Instead now you can remember all of the studies done and know what they are thinking
with confidence. So remember brothers, 80% of women will prefer being with you, 83% will
think you’re more dominant and 70% of people will consider you more trustworthy.


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