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What Does Your Beard Say About You?

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Have you ever asked yourself: ‘’Why did I choose for this particular beard style?'' Most men will answer with ‘’Because it looks good on me, that’s why!’’. However, isn’t there a more profound reason why you've chosen for that style? There are like +100 different beard styles to rock and you have chosen that one style. There must be something more going on here. Something you have never thought of... and that is: Your beard says EVERYTHING about who YOU are as an individual! Read down below to get to know what your beard says about you.

The Stubble Beard
This is the most chosen beard style by men AND women. Experts say that this style indicates that you’re a person who keeps up with the latest fashion and facial hair trends. You spend more time than the average man on your hair and clothes during the morning. And maybe this is because a stubble beard gives a man the ''I’m-Sexy-And-Know-It'' feeling. You just want to have fun and you’re not afraid to flirt once in a while.

Photo: André Hamann
The Hobo Beard
If you rock this beard style, you’re rocking life! This untamed beard is only for the wild ones and shows that you’re not afraid to go on an adventure. You’re curious about everything and want to discover as much as possible. It’s in your blood! You’re creative and you don’t care about other people's opinions. You live your own life and you’re proud of it!


Photo: Tom Hardy

The Mutton Chops
This beard style is lesser known than the previous ones. It’s the ultimate look for the lumberjacks and such. This style shows that you love to be outside whether the sun is shining or not. Mother nature is your biggest friend and you find your peace there. Also, this style shows that you're not a softy and that you’re not afraid to take a challenge. This style is also known as: ''The Wolverine''!

Photo: Hugh Jackman

The Full Beard
Finally here it is: the full beard! Your beard shows that you’re a very specific man. You like to be creative and you’re also unpredictable. This style shows that you’re very comfortable with your own body. You're not bothered at all with what other people think of you, because you know that your opinion about yourself is the most important!

The Distinguished Gentleman
We think that this is the ultimate level a bearded man can reach. Beard well groomed, your hair style is a killer and the clothes are on point! It shows that you're taking good care of yourself. You exercise a lot and you pay attention to good nutrition. The ladies love it! You’re confident, everyone can see it. Passion and compassion are the values you live by! 




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