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The motivation you need #1: Work Ethic

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Today we're going to talk about motivation. Motivation is so important in life. It determines everything you're going to do, everything you're not going to do and everything you might want to do. Motivation to realize your dreams, to hit the gym, to survive hard times during your life etc. We got you covered! So this time we will boost the start of your week with some motivation about work ethic.
Let’s start by explaining what work ethic really is. It’s a value to describe hard work and diligence. So actually your level of work ethic is equivalent to level of results you get. We all have certain dreams we work towards to, and we always get told that if we truly believe in our dreams we can truly achieve them. However, as you probably already know, believing is not enough. Work ethic plays a big role here!
We have moments in our life that our work ethic is peaking and moments that our work ethic is bottom low. If you’re at one of your peak moments now: Awesome, keep killing it! If you’re not, then it might be time to ask yourself what reasons cause you to perform below your standards. We’ll give you 3 possible reasons what’s stopping you and how to resolve these issues!
#1. You don’t want it anymore.

How do we figure out if we love the things we do? By doing them! At first you love to do it, because you’re good at it. You’re giving 100% every day. But after a while your work ethic gets lower and lower… Because you’re so good at it, you’re missing the challenge to keep giving your best. There are no factors that keep pushing you to grow into the best version of yourself. In such cases, a good thing to do is to do search for a new adventure. But be aware that you’re not giving up! You’re moving on to the better things!

#2. You’re giving up way too fast.

If you’re quitting too fast, your internal motivation needs a great boost. You need to ask yourself what you’re thinking about, when you’re thinking about giving up. What thoughts are in your head at that exact moment? If you can figure this out, you can substitute these negative thoughts by positive thoughts. And positive thoughts will always result in positive action! So dig deep down in your mind and figure out what thoughts are stopping you!

#3. You’re comparing yourself to others.

This is really one of the worst things to do to kill your work ethic. If someone can do it, we can all do it. However, we all do things in our own ways and in our own time. Comparing yourself with someone who’s already in the game for years can completely demotivate you. You’ll see his or her accomplishments as something that can only be achieved by the ‘blessed’ ones. We’re all blessed! When you start doing something, compare yourself with someone’s first two years and use his or hers current position to build your own vision rather as a comparison. This will dramatically boost your work ethic for sure!

Don't let these three points be the golden rules of your life. Use them as guideliness and find your own ways to keep perfoming at the best of your abilities!


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