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Happy Sunday folks! Because a lot of you voted for this subject on Instagram as well, we've decided to make a blog about this! Today I want to discuss the differences in both beard oils and balms, if there are any at all, and recommend what you should probably use in your beard! So let us begin with today's blog!

What does beard oil do compared to beard balm?

In all honesty, not that much difference at all. As it all boils down to personal preference to the user himself. Speaking from my own personal experiences with the two products, I find oils are great for providing your facial hair with much needed moisture, but they can need a little helping hand when it comes to controlling a wild face forest. I usually use a balm most of if not all mornings, then later on that same day I top up with a little oil, which usually sees me through the rest of my working day nicely.

Whereas others might prefer the feel and style that is provided with beard oils rather than balms or butters. Again, it heavily depends on how your beard chooses to behave in order to what I would recommend you use upon it first.

So, what does beard balm do compared to beard oil?

Beard balms tends to give you, the user a better hold and control of a wild unruly beard. So, if like me you have a misbehaving face full of whiskers you will probably find you will have better results using a beard balm first, then a touch of oil as well if needs be. The trick is to activate your product in the palm of your hand before applying this to your facial hair, be it big, long, thick or short, applying the right amount of product will see you achieve better results given a little time.

Is there a big difference?

In short, not much really. Each of these products were originally designed to help hydrate and control your facial hair, whilst providing it with everything that it requires to eliminate any beard related issues, such as unsightly splitting ends, itching and dry spots. And both balms and oils certainly deliver on those aspects.

What should you choose to use?

Which would I recommend, beard balm or beard oil? It depends on many factors, really. But why should you have to choose just one when you can have both? Oils are desgined to work great alongside balms, and that is why you'll find many companies sell them in sets together, giving you the advantage to improve your beard game like never before. So if you have a tame beard and just need to moiturize your beard go for beard oil. If you need to tame the beast, get balm. Go for both if you need the full experience.

Have any beardy related questions or comments? Let us have them in the comments section you'll spy right below.


Until the next blog brothers, beard strong!


Source: The Beard Struggle

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  • Matty: March 18, 2018

    Great post. My beard gets unruly, but I’ve always used just beard oil. Definitely going to try balm too.

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