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The #1 biggest mistake made while growing a beard

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Yes, there is a certain mistake a lot of guys make when they decide to grow their beard. And it’s very simple, but also very easily neglected. I’m talking about actually taking care of it!
A lot of guys or men let their beards grow wild & free. But there are some things you need to do to keep it tamed and make your beard look well taken care off.

1. Get rid of random cheek hairs 

If you get rid of these, your beard will already look a lot more clean and smooth. Try to get a straight natural line from you moustache to your sideburns.
In the first picture, you can clearly see what  we mean with a straight and clean line.

 2. Shave your neck

This includes your hair underneath your beard too! Unless you want your hairs in your neck to meet the hairs on your chest. Imagine a line from the bottom of your ear all the way down to your neck. Everything that is not between that line and your chin are hairs to get rid of. Try to do this as clean as possible because this line will give your beard it’s shape.

The hairs underneath your beard is a personal thing. Everyone has a different face with different proportions. Try to create a straight and neat line towards your Adam’s apple and take it from there.


The last thing is to take your time with growing your beard. Every part of your beard will grow at different speeds. So if you see that you’re starting to get patches because some hairs aren’t really long, then try to trim the rest around it a bit. This will not speed anything up, but your patches will be less visible and your beard is now constantly the same length as it grows! Do this every couple of months. It’s no use to do this every week.

I hope this information was helpful and if you have any questions remaining, feel free to get in contact with us via Email or Snapchat!

Have a wonderful day!


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