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We can all conclude that having a beard is the best thing a man could ever have (next to his family, kids and woman of course). While you're on your journey of growing your beard, you find ways to take care of it and you find things you absolutely don't want to do to your beard. For some, this journey is one of sunshine and happiness. But lets face it, for most of us it can be a PAIN in the ass. The reason? An itchy beard..

This is also the reason why a lot of our future bearded brothers give up on growing a beard. Every bearded fella can confirm how an itch can sometimes be unbearable. Today, we're going to reveal some useful tips on how to ease and eliminate our common problem. 

#1: Cleaning your beard properly

It may be kind of gross, but it is necessary to understand how this process works. Every day, thousands of cells are shed from your face. This is absolutely a natural thing. However, your beard is trapping those cells, causing irritation and itchiness, by not allowing those cells to shed away. So basically your skin is still civered with thousands of dead cells. There are special beard shampoo's that support shedding those cells away. If you don't want to begin with special beard shampoo's, then go for a shampoo that is neutral for the skin. Don't just use your girlfriend's Head & Shoulders.

#2: Don't wash your beard too many times

This depends on where you live and what type of work you do. If you work in a place/country with a harsh environment for you face, then it might be a good thing to wash your face regularly and take care of it a little bit more. 

If that's not the case, then try to reduce the amount of times you wash your beard on a weekly base. Our bodies naturally excrete oils that benefit the skin and keep it healthy. This aids your beard in growing and staying healthy. Unfortunately, if you wash your beard every day, you are stripping off the oils that are being released, thus damaging your beard indirectly. Keeping your skin healthy will result in less itchiness and a healthier beard.

#3: Correctly dry your beard & Moisturise

Always remember the next line I'm about to tell you: NEVER just roughly dry your beard. Treat it carefully. Not only are you damaging your beard, you could also irritate the skin which in turn may worsen the itch. Just pat dry your beard. After that you could use some moisturiser to help keep your skin smooth and prevent it from drying out after showering.


Apply those simple tricks and I'm positive that you're going to notice results. Just remember that taking care of your beard like this won't only affect the amount of itchiness, it also promotes better beard growth and therefor helping yourself growing your majestic mane!

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