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Interview: Victorio Piva x Beardmuscles

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Are all the beard models blessed with a great beard or do they just know the exact trics to grow an epic beard? Beardmuscles takes you into the life of worlds leading beardmodels by carrying out exclusive interviews. You'll get to know the 'real' person behind the beard, what beard products they use and their tips to grow the best beard out of you!

This time we have interviewed our friend Victorio Piva. He supported us from the start and now we're both bigger than ever! So we're glad that we could finally do this interview with him. Curious about who Victorio Piva is? Read the interview down below! 

The Interview

Can you tell us something about yourself first? Who is Victorio Piva?

Tough question.....I think I'm discovering who I am daily. If you asked my wife she would say I'm a playful and loving daddy and husband who puts his family before anything. My friends might say I'm easy going and fun to be around. My parents might say I'm kind and humble and if they did.....I would agree with it all. I may also be a bit of a rebel. It seems like I always walk a different path or challenge the status quo. I'm definitely an individualist, I know that for sure.

What or who inspired you to grow a beard?

I have always played around with different hairstyles, so when I was able to grow a beard it was only natural for me to start experimenting with different variations of facial hair. I get bored with the same look most of the time so I change my look/style quite often, but when I reached the one year mark with this beard I knew that it was here to stay. I've always grown a winter beard, I do a lot of snowboarding and snowmobiling, so I would grow my board beard and then shave it in the spring…..with regret to follow! With this beard I told myself from day one that I was not shaving it and was committing to keeping it and I haven't looked back since.

What difficulties were you having while growing a beard? 

I would say my biggest difficulty lies with eating, I personally don’t like the look of a full beard with a short trimmed mustache, so I keep mine long. I keep it shaped and trimmed, but long. So, eating and drinking can some times be a nuisance. Other than that the only other difficulty that I have is like I stated before, I grow tired of the same look and want to change things up


What products do you use to keep your beard in top condition?

I use BEARDBRAND beard oil, I can’t say enough good things about this company and their products they provide. Their oils and beard wash is hard to beat, and I have tried a LOT of different brands out there. Give some of their product a try, use this link to view the products and purchase directly. It is my own personal link and helps me out!! Thank you!

Were there times when you wanted to quit growing a beard?

Not so much quit growing it, but it goes back to me getting bored with the same look and wanting to shave for a change. But I have yet to hit a time where I have grown tired of my beard, the way it looks, and how it makes me feel. 

What tips do you have for everyone who's growing a beard? 

First and foremost, be patient and don’t ever expect your beard to be like some other man’s beard. Everyone is different, and so are beards. Embrace what you have, wear it confidently and Beard on! For me I go through a period when starting a beard where it is itchy and some times annoying. USE BEARD PRODUCT!!! Not to shamelessly do a little more self-promotion, but get you some beard wash and beard softener along with some oil via my link, and problem solved!! I grew many beards where the growing out stage was challenging, this would cause me to cut it before I wanted to. Once I started using moisturizing oils and washes the process stopped bothering me and my beard was much more manageable.

Another mistake I have made in the past is trying to trim my beard myself. Most of the times i was able to do it and was pleased with the results. After finding a barber that I trust and have faith in, I will never go back to trimming and shaping my own beard again. I have made mistakes in the past causing me to shorten the beard or even shave it off and start over. Once I hit a certain point on this beard I did not want to start over. I use "The Beardsmith" here in Boise. Find a barber you like and trust, and stay with them! 

How did you become a model and did your beard play a role in becoming one?

My beard played a major role in getting me in to modeling. I was at this bar, that I never go to. A lady approached me and said “you must be the bearded guy my photographer friend told me about”….I of course said yes to see where this went! She proceeded to tell me about this photographer who was looking for a bearded model to shoot for an eyewear company and I must be the guy she had seen. She took some pictures on her phone of me at the bar, and said she would show them to the photographer. I figured once the photographer saw the images and saw that I was not who she was talking about that would be the end of it. A couple months passed and I then got a text from the photographer, she told me about the shoot, said she liked my look and wanted to shoot me. So I said yes, and that got me in to modeling! It kind of snowballed after that!

How would you describe your beard in one word?




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