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Interview: Giulio Aprin x Beardmuscles

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Beardmuscles crossed paths with the well known beard model Giulio Aprin! After a few chats we decided to do this interview, so you guys could get to know more about his life and his beard secrets! Read down below the full interview!

Can you tell us something about yourself first? 

I’m Giulio Aprin, a man like many others on this planet. Few people really know who I really am, and about myself deeply.
I’m a wild spirit, I'm a sponge that likes to absorb experiences from everyone and everything. I'm an explorer, a hunter of new experiences and rich moments to live. I've been doing many sports through many years. I’m a coach in parkour and free-running, a photographer and a videomaker. I basically work in the crazy industry. I love nature and wildness.


What difficulties were you having while growing a beard?
My facial hair started growing when I was 13, step by step of course, but very early in my life. I never had any kind of difficulties, apart of being a little itchy at the beginning. The rest is all about DNA.

What products do you use to keep your beard in top condition?
I usually dont use any kind of products and usually dont like to suggest any of those. But since I started to collaborate with BeardBrand, I would say some of their products are really good, especially the shampoo TEA TREE. It’s a soft tropical oil for the skin and not for the beard, just because I like its smell.

Were there times when you wanted to quit growing a beard?

There were a few moments when it was too itchy but then it went over, so that was fine. It was just at the beginning honestly. The first time I let it grow too long. I shaved it recently and it was all good. It’s all about getting used to it.

What tips do you have for everyone who's growing a beard? 
There are not tips or tricks. It’s not like a computer that you can crack the software to have it free. You cannot try to grow a beard if you dont have it in your genes and there is nothing wrong with it. If it grows good, great! If it doesn’t, that’s fine too!

How did you become a model and did your beard play a role in becoming one?
I still don’t consider myself a model, even if I work as a model sometimes. I still call myself a photographer and videomaker who chose to use his personal image to promote himself. A beard helped me for sure.

How would you describe your beard in one word? 



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