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Split ends in your beard is something no one wants but yet almost every bearded man overlooks this problem. It makes your beard look unkempt and messy. There’s no way you can completely rid your beard of split ends, unfortunately, it’s just one of those things we all have to deal with. I’m going to tell you the 4 main reasons that you have split ends so you can combat them and be left with a healthy looking beard.

Shampoo that you use on your head should not be used on your beard. Split ends are caused when the hair follicle has dried out and becomes weak causing it to split at the tip. Shampoo that you use on your hair strips your beard of the nutrients it needs. Leaving it dry and brittle. And a brittle beard means split ends. To avoid this happening only use shampoo or conditioner specifically made for beards. These contain all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that your beard needs to remain hydrated, healthy and best of all avoid all split ends. Remember this isn’t just for shampoo, other products that you use on your head shouldn’t be for your beard either, hair styling clay or gel for example.

When your beard becomes a certain length, you’re told that you should use oil to keep it soft and nourished. But why? Well at the base of your beard hairs are glands called a sebaceous gland which produces sebum oil which naturally moisturises your beard. But when it gets to a certain length, the oil that is naturally created can no longer reach all the way to the tips. This is where beard oil and balm come into use. Using these regularly aids the sebum oil in nourishing and moisturising the hairs to ensure no split ends. A few drops twice a day rubbed into your mane should be enough to ward off any fraying ends.

If you’re sporting a large beard of even a yeard, then blow drying your beard is probably something you do quite regularly. We know that split ends are caused when the hair becomes dry, weak, brittle then splits. So it only takes a bit of common sense to realise that blow drying your beard is probably going to achieve split ends. That’s not to say don’t do it, but like everything, it should be done in moderation, or with the correct care and attention. Applying beard oil before and after you blow dry your beard should ensure ample coverage and ward of most of the split ends. But the best thing you can do is to not blow dry it as regularly. Especially those of you who straighten it as well, be sure to moisturise your beard well before and after, it’s arguably worse than blow drying.

Lastly, it’s quite a small thing that you can choose to obey or ignore, but it does make a large amount of difference. And that’s the type of comb you use and the frequency you use it. A wooden comb is better than a moulded plastic one straight up. Why? Well the plastic ones are punched out of a mould and have thousands of tiny frays along their teeth, these scratch your beard hairs horribly causing them to be weak and brittle. The wooden ones however are usually hand crafted and made as smooth as possible so they don’t damage your hair. Secondly, the amount that you comb your beard. If you have a thick beard, you should opt for a wide tooth comb and the shorter the beard the narrower the comb becomes. This is because of the amount that the comb actually pulls and tugs on the hair. Combing regularly will pull on the hairs a lot causing them to be weak, so like I’ve already said, do it in moderation don’t sit there combing it because you’re bored, it will damage and cause split ends.

So hopefully now you know of a few habits that you may or may not have been doing that cause split ends. Only a small change can make a big difference to the appearance of your beard. I look forward to seeing the results.


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