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You may have found after a while of trying to grow a beard that you have a section of your face that just seems to refuse to grow. It’s not uncommon, I even have patches in my beard that I have to work around and work out how to cover them up. You’ll find that most people actually all have a patch that stands out like a sore thumb. The real secret is how to cover it up.

Depending on where your patch is decides how easy or hard it is to cover up. The likelihood is, if you already have a fairly long beard you’ve found ways round your problem and are pretty happy with the outcome.

The areas that are the most common to have patches are the areas under the bottom lip and the part that connects the goatee to the mutton chops. The area between the goatee and mutton chops is probably the easiest to cover up. There’s a few solutions, if you have hair there but its very fair, a simple solution is to dye it. There’s no shame in dying your beard but you’re likely to have to keep doing it every other week as most beard dye’s ive found don’t last too long. The second solution is to persist in the growing and then simply grow the hair either side and above the patch longer than the rest of the beard so you can just comb it over the patch and balm it in place.

The hardest patch to cover up is one with little hair either side, no hair on it and no hair above. That then rules out the dye and the comb over. A prime example of this Is the area under the bottom lip, I in fact have this very problem. My solution is I dye what hair is there darker and keep what hair I have there as long as I can in order to try to cover it up. If you’re looking for a longer term solution, your beard depends a lot on how healthy you are. Eating high protein foods and keeping fit will help your beard drastically in the long run.I have written a blog on how you should eat before so have a quick flick back on that and work out how you can eat to beard stronger.

Lastly, for a longer term solution make sure you apply oil at least once a day preferably twice a day with balm every other day. Again, there’s another blog on how oil and balm can help your beard grow. And if this all still really isn’t working for you, there are supplements you can take that can increase your hair growth but the success of these can be really temperamental so do some good research into what others have found with different supplements.

Share your thought and tips about a patchy beard down below in the comments!

Until the next blog brothers, beard on and beard strong,

Written by James Oxenham


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