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How beards boost the confidence of the bearded man

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Beards boosting your confidence is something you may have already thought of although you’ll never truly understand until you grow your beard and the first instance of confidence clicks. At that moment all of it will make sense. It can be any number of things that will cause the confidence “click” 

The secret society of bearded men 

Its not a widely known that this in fact exists. Most people with beards don’t even know it exists. Now you do, now you know what the “nod” means. The “nod” is a sign of appreciation and acceptation of your facial hair. Once given the nod, only the best beards around have accepted you into the society. It’s said that you can only give the nod, after receiving one which gives you the authority to accept another bearded man into the society. Being part of a society of such manliness and especially one with only the best beards can fill a man with confidence to no end. Once you’ve got the nod, you know you’re now up there with the best, most alpha males on the planet. 

Beard Compliments 

Beards are something people will always notice as you walk into the room, they grab the attention of anyone. The vast majority of people love beards. That means its more probable than not that the person whose attention you’ve just got will compliment you on your beard. When that happens, all the hard work you put into grooming, trimming and sheer time and effort will feel worth it. Getting compliments make you feel great regardless of whether or not you have a beard. Getting one specifically for your mane just tops up the confidence that your beard gives you.  

Beard Confessions 

Most of the time, after you’ve been complimented on your beard. The next step is a beard confession, especially if the person who gave the compliments is a guy. Most of the time they consist of “I wish I could grow a beard” or “I’m so jealous I wish I could grow a beard like yours”. These are almost better than the compliment itself. These almost instantly give you alpha priority over them. Nothing gives you more confidence than when you feel respected and looked up to by the people around you.  

Social Status 

A beard is a sign of a good and healthy lifestyle. It’s no surprise then that men with beards are perceived to be better father figures. A study done in the University of New South Wales in 2013 stated that “Full bearded men are perceived to be better fathers that could protect and invest in offspring”. So, if there’s anything that’s going to give you day to day confidence it’s that the women who just walked past you is more likely to want you to have her babies than that clean shaven “thing” behind you.  

Distinguished and masculine.  

Not all clichés are bad. Having the vast majority of society assume that you’re distinguished and masculine from just your beard can hardly be a bad thing. You haven’t even had to move or speak, yet already people are assuming the best from you. You no longer have to sit there feeling anxious because now you know what most people are always thinking. Now you can just sit there feeling confident in yourself and feeling sorry for that lad over there that doesn’t have a beard, knowing full well he wants one like yours. Because, well, who doesn’t?


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