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There has been a lot of talk lately about Beards and if they are unhygienic. I am sure you are reading this because you have heard all of the different stories about beards being “as dirty as a toilet seat.” I say it is crap. But, besides the fact that the media has a tendency to distort information to make it seem interesting, there are several reasons why this story sounds like another ''peak beard'' (remember that?) story. So, to begin with what they say makes a beard unhygienic, like:

  • Having a cold
  • Rubbing it with dirty hands
  • Germs could pass from your beard to someone else.

My first question, and the question that seems to be ignored in this research is, “how is this any different than the same situations without a beard?”

It really isn’t.

The same goes for the bacteria found in the beards. It turns out, it is….. the same bacteria found all over the human body!

  • ‘It’s the same bacteria that’s on your skin. It’s not problematic and it’s not a health risk.' -Professor Hugh Pennington, an emeritus professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen

This story claims that:

  • “Several of the beards that were tested contained a lot of normal bacteria, but some were comparable to toilets.”

This sample, mind you, was noted as, “A handful of brave men.” Now that is good journalism. So here is the deal:

If you don’t wash your Beard, if you are a dirty guy, and if you are generally unhygienic to begin with - your Beard will probably be pretty gross. Yes, you will have a dirty beard. Now, for the rest of us there is a lot more to the story. First of all, wash your beard regularly with water if you aren't already. My guess is that you already are. Another gaping hole in this whole issue is the use of Beard Oil. There are many different essential oils with antibacterial and even antimicrobial properties. Tea tree, thyme, and many other essential oils have been shown to kill stuff as nasty as E. Coli and Staph. Combine this with regular brushing and washing to remove shedded skin cells and any other dirty stuff that may find its way into your Beard, and you will have a cleaner face than most guys out there - shaven or not. With regular brushing, washing, and a good quality all natural beard oil, your beard will not be as dirty as a toilet seat. Or your desk for that matter..


Source: Beard Mountain


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