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A quick & simple guide to beard grooming

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It’s likely that you won’t always have the time every morning to go through your whole beard routine for whatever reason. Maybe you’re away from home or you’re running late for work. No need to worry. In just a few simple steps you can keep your mane looking just as good 


There is a lot of talk about whether or not you should actually comb your beard, some swear that it’s the worst thing you can do whilst others swear it’s the most important part of their day to day regime. At the end of the day this is your decision, but in my opinion, combing your beard should be the only thing you should do if its all you have time for. The reason for this is that it trains the hairs to grow in the direction you want them to. On top of this, a scraggly beard is a beard no man wants, running a comb through it regularly can prevent big knots forming and let other products such as beard oil be absorbed more easily. A lot of people will say that their beard isn’t long enough to justify a comb just yet, normally I would agree but I don’t believe that you can start taming your beard too early. 


Beard oil isn’t always something most people have heard of. I personally didn’t bother with it for a long while thinking that my beard just couldn’t justify oil. Oh just how wrong I was. From the first time I used it, I haven’t missed a day. You can really see the difference it makes just from the first use. Months into using it you’ll be just as glad as I am. if I’m in a rush and cant spend the time I would normally on my beard I just give it a quick comb and oil. It has been known that ill even take my oil out with me so I can apply it throughout the day. Especially in colder winter days where the harsh cold wind severely dries out your hair and skin! 


This is where most peoples grooming ends, a quick comb, oil and quickly set it with a scoop of balm. Beard balm serves almost the same purpose as beard oil, it contains a lot of the vitamins and “good stuff” that your beard needs that the oil does too. The balm has a say hair clay element to it. Once you’ve combed those hairs into place the balm is good to set them in their place preventing any strays from poking out throughout the day. This isn’t a what I would call a necessary item for a simple guide to beard grooming. But if you have it use it. It can only be beneficial for your beard.  


Washing your beard is something that’s either grossly overlooked or done religiously. In fact, it should really be neither. Your beard hair Is very delicate and washing it the wrong way can ruin all the care and attention you put into it with the balm and oil. Normal shampoo contains harsh, strong chemicals that strip all the nutrients from the hair. If you think you’re doing your beard a favor by giving it a quick once over with your shampoo, you couldn’t be more wrong. The best thing to do is buy a specific beard shampoo and conditioner which are made from natural products and don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals. Using this once or twice a week will really help maintain healthy growth of your beard.


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