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You Need To Try These 3 Trending Hairstyles To Match Your Beard

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So you´ve finally grown your beard in the length you prefer. Congratulations! Or maybe it´s still not quite how you want it to be.. However in both cases, the hair present on the top of your head still needs to match with your beard! Except if you’re rocking the very short or bald look which always looks fresh and clean. For the gentlemen with longer hair, matching their beard with their hairstyle could be a somewhat difficult subject, so we’ve gathered 3 trending hairstyles of 2016 to match your beard with!

1. Undercut and Beard
Summer is coming, so this is an ideal hairstyle to match your beard. This look features shorter length on the sides as compared to the top, giving more emphasize to your beard and some ventilation for your head during the hot summer days. The undercut can be worn very long on top or more moderate lengths. Rocking the undercut with a beard of 3-4 inches will definitely give you that cool and trendy look!

Photo: Josh Mario John

2. Backcombed Hairstyle and Beard
This is a classy and elegant hairstyle which is good for any situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re on work or doing the groceries, this hairstyle combined with any length of your beard will beam a serious force of masculinity! In addition, a lot of women find this haircut very attractive! Because this haircut looks good with any length of your beard, you can keep growing your beard while always having a hairstyle that matches.

Photo: Ricki Sam Hall

3. Top Knot and Beard
Yes, the much debated top knot for the man. Loved by some and hated by others. We all saw this haircut appear more and more often in 2015 and this won’t stop in 2016. We think it looks great, no matter what beardstyle you have! If you choose this hairstyle, you can combine it with a medium to a long beard to get that viking look, or you can go with a shorter beard for a more sophisticated look.

Photo: Ben Dahlhaus

These are the 3 trending hairstyles of 2016 to combine with your beard. There are much more hairstyles to combine your unique beard with, so check out some hairstyle websites or just ask your barber! Don’t forget to give your barber specific instructions on the length and you will be fine.

Good luck with finding the hairstyle that matches your beard. With a little patience, you'll definitely be able to make it happen!




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