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3 Christmas Tips For The Bearded Man

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Christmas is just around the corner. In fact, it’s only a week away. Christmas is all about giving, but this Christmas you can give to yourself. Well, your beard at least. Follow these three steps to a healthy clean beard this Christmas.

1.    Wash!

Simply put, wash your beard! When your long forgotten auntie comes in for the hug, the last thing she wants is a messy beard that smells beyond all belief shoved right up in her face. Especially as the big bearded boss man will be shooting down that chimney anytime soon, we’ve got to keep up the good reputation. If Santa can keep his white beard clean after going up and down your chimney, the least you can do is make yours smell nice.

Its recommended that you wash your beard at least once every other day, using specialist beard shampoo. Using normal shampoo runs the risk of damaging your beard and the skin underneath it. The beard shampoos are specially designed to be gentle to your skin and beard by not having so many harsh chemicals.

The Marksman's Radiance Beard Wash should do the job.

2.    Soften that beard

In the colder months, the air is less humid and so your skin dries out quicker. This has a knock on effect on your beard. It can mean that the hairs get rough and hard. This is not only uncomfortable for you, but also anyone else that comes in contact with your beard. During Christmas time this is probably quite a lot of people. So if not for your own comfort at least, lets soften that beard.

 There are two ways you can approach this. Taking care of your skin is the way to stop the problem at the source. Chances are, it’s a bit late for this but worth doing none the less. A regular moisturizing routine will help your skin, which in turn stimulates your follicles, which in turn helps your beard grow nice a soft.

 Even if you do moisturize regularly, your beard still needs some extra love during the winter. Applying a bit of extra beard oil should do the trick. A great help for this would be the Day Liquid Gold Tonic. Not only will this add the well needed moisture to your beard, it will aid the natural oils that your beard produces. The result will be a perfectly smooth skin and a nice full, healthy looking beard.

3.    Perfect that shape

Over the colder months, it has been known that us bearded folk like to grow out our face hugging jumpers. Although it keeps us nice and warm, it has its downsides. When was the last time you properly took a look at your beard and gave it a really good shape? Unless you want the majority of your Christmas dinner stuck in there, it may be a good time to do so.

If you’re thinking of changing shape, have a quick read of our previous blog and make it fashion ready for the year to come. This is probably worth doing before you decide to do other crazy things like using glitter for your beard.

Do some research on what beard shape suits your face shape. Once you’ve found the right shape, there are some areas that will need regular trimming in order to maintain that perfect shape. Start by running a beard comb gently through your beard and identify any strays that are compromising your perfect shape. Grab the grooming scissors and sort that out.

 Until next time and hopefully your beard is now Christmas ready!


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